July 19, 2017

Upgrades on a budget with return

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We all want to know what’s going to give us more bang for our buck when we go to sell our home. Here are a few suggestions for saving money and adding value to your home.

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#1 Upgraded Landscaping


What does a basic landscaping upgrade include?

  • Flowering shrubs
  • Tall deciduous tree
  • A flagstone walkway
  • Decorative Stone Planters
  • Fresh mulch

The cost: $4,750

The return: 105% at $5,000

#2 New Roof

If you find yourself sprinting for the buckets when it starts to sprinkle, getting a new roof should be your No. 1 to-do.

The cost:  Around $7,600 on a 1400 Sf home

The return: 105% at $8,000

Considering it’s what’s between you and the elements, it’s a no-brainer.

Not sure if you need a new roof? Signs you might include:

  • Shingles are missing, curling up, or covered in moss.
  • Gritty bits from the asphalt shingles are coming out the downspout.
  • The sun’s shining through your attic.
  • You notice stains on ceilings and walls.
  • Your energy bill is sky high.

#3 Floors


Hardwood floors are a timeless classic. Now you can have them and in ceramic tile, vinyl of course Hardwood.

The cost to refinish hard wood: $2,500

The return: 100% at $2,500

The cost to buy new:  Around $5,500 for a 1400 Sf home

The return: 91% at $5,000

#4 Patio or Deck

If your home is your castle, your yard is your kingdom. After giving your yard a much-needed overhaul, you need a place to watch over you handiwork. How about that deck or patio you’ve been dreaming of?

The cost of a patio: $6,400

The return: 102% at $6525

The cost of a deck: $9,450

The return: 106% at $10,000

#5 Stucco Repair

Stucco is chipped, cracks or even holes are so it’s often out of sight, out of mind — that is until you’re forced to fix a bigger problem.

The cost: $2,100 and Up

The return: 95% at $2,000 plus the added savings on heating and cooling costs

#6 New Garage Door

No surprise that a garage door replacement project made it onto this #winning list — a new garage door provides a big boost for your home’s curb appeal at a relatively modest cost.

The cost: $2,300 (for a two-door)

The return: 87% at $2,000

There are options galore, too. A host of factory-finish colors, wood-look embossed steel, and glass window inserts are just some of the possibilities that’ll give your doors bankable personality.

#7 Vinyl Siding

In any color! And never paint again.

Those are two of the three benefits of vinyl siding. The third, of course, is your home’s value.

But if long-time homeowners look at you funny when you mention vinyl siding, just tell them that today’s vinyl is way better than what they remember because of fade-resistant finishes and transferable lifetime warranties.

The cost: $12,000

The return: 83% at $10,000

Want fiber-cement siding instead? It also shows a strong payback of 79%. Although it’s the pricier option — you’ll spend $19,100 — it has one thing vinyl still lacks — the perception of quality.

And quality matters. In a survey from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), “quality” was one of the most important traits that home buyers focused on when house hunting.



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