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May 26, 2020

Seller Market Turning? Home Prices Still Up

From the above image you can tell housing sales around the New Port Richey area slowed down last month. Active listings are down 7% but more intriguing is new listings are down 33%. As spring gets into full gear one

May 25, 2020

Happy Memorial Day

Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day, time to spend with friends and family, and a time to remember those who’ve given their lives for our country.

May 21, 2020

Real Estate News

Your Essential Spring Lawn Care Guide Tired of looking out the window at your dull, dormant lawn? A little prep now will give you a green lawn all summer long. RakeFirst things first, gently rake leaves, twigs, and dead grass

May 11, 2020

Why You Need to Check for Unpermitted Work Before Buying

If you read any real estate agent blogs about “worst lessons I learned during my first five years” or spend time on Reddit real estate boards, you’ll notice a few recurring themes that are the source of endless anguish from

April 16, 2020

Fannie Mae: Home sales will decline by 15% in 2020 due to coronavirus, but what will happen to property prices?

Meanwhile, low-interest rates are expected to keep mortgage refinancing volumes high throughout the year At the end of last year, economists expected that 2020 would be a strong year for housing. But now thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, home sales

April 14, 2020

Do you have Cabin Fever? Here some Symptoms and Coping Skills.

Cabin fever is a popular term for a relatively common reaction to being isolated in a building for a period of time. Some experts believe that cabin fever is a sort of syndrome, while others feel that it is linked

April 8, 2020

Is Listing Your Home During the COVID-19 Outbreak a Bad Idea?

Spring is a popular time to list a home, and now that we’re officially there, you may be gearing up to put your home up for sale. But given the health and financial crisis COVID-19 has created, you may be

April 7, 2020

6 Signs That Your Home Is Priced Too High

The price of a home that is up for sale is one of the critical aspects of getting a home sold. Price a home too high and the right buyers will not even give a home a second look.  Instead, the home

March 25, 2020

Is the Housing Market Set Up to Crash? A Home that Comes with its Own Toilet Paper! Need a Friend… Foster a Dog Remember the Top Three Things to Help You During Our Crisis US Real Estate in Jeopardy As Covid-19

February 25, 2020

The Pros and Cons of Buying a Home Inside

What is a gated community? It’s a collection of homes that are accessible only to residents and their guests—thanks to (you guessed it) a gate or wall across any roadways in or out. Gated communities can be found throughout the U.S., so if

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