June 26, 2017

How To Sell Your Home Fast

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Tips and tricks on how you can sell your home in just one showing!! If you are thinking of selling your home now or in the future!”

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This step is HUGE. Go through your closets, drawers, garage, & other places in your home & sort through things you want to keep and things that you want to get rid of. BE PICKY! Remember once you sell the house you will have to pack your “keep pile” up. Are the items worth it? Are you really going to use the items? When you get your keep pile all set up, organize these items in their correct spots. hang all your clothes up neatly, organize your drawers with baskets, and just make sure everything has it’s placed neatly in your home.  We also invested in a storage unit for all of the items we wanted to keep but didn’t want in the house. This was mostly garage items, large items, & things like winter clothes that were not being used at the time. This is also great because you are already getting things packed up & out of the house ready to move!

Sell/donate All unwanted items.

Make sure to start doing this step far in advance to assure all these items will be out of your house. Have a garage sale or utilize yard sale websites to list unwanted items from furniture, clothes, home decor, & other household goods. If you don’t want to take the time to do this or if you want to just give the items away, then you can donate them at your local donation drop off. Again, with this step be picky. Ask yourself if you really want the times in your next home.

Neutralize your home.

This is a huge step! Most people get distracted by loud decor, bold paint colors, & taste specific decor. They can’t look past that to see the good bones of the home. We painted all our walls a neutral color {different neutrals throughout the house} to really neutralize the home. We also removed most of the bold taste specific decor to allow potential buyers to envision our home as theirs. We used neutral pillows, throws, and other decors to still make the home cozy & inviting while still remaining super neutral.  This step also includes packing away collections, excess family photos, anything on the fridge, & any of your personal items like toiletries out of plane site. One main thing about neutralizing your home as well is, do not put away all your decor, the buyers want to see a staged home & not a bare house. Show them your pretty decorated house minus the clutter.

Deep clean the entire house.

This is a great step to do after/during your declutter phase. Clean those baseboards, shampoo the carpets, dust your ceiling fans, scrub floors, clean closets, & go through your whole house to be sure you have hit every place that you may have forgotten about. Don’t forget your garage! Potential buyers want to see every area of your house so make sure every corner of your home is looking clean & show ready at all times.

Repair any issues with the home.

Need walls painted, holes patched, flooring fixed, doors repaired? Do all of that before a showing! You don’t want to scare away potential buyers with any necessary repairs big or small. That poorly painted wall could be the difference between a sale or your house sitting on the market for months!

Fix up the yard.

Be sure the curb appeal of your home is looking good & that from the minute potential buyers pull up to your house they are interested. Mow the grass, edge the lawn, pick weeds, & make sure your shrubs and flowers are healthy. Don’t forget the backyard either. You never know what is at the top of your buyer’s house “must haves list” is & it could be a pretty backyard!

Make sure your house is spotless.

Wipe down all your counters, clean the toilets, clean appliances, vacuum, mop, wash windows & mirrors, & double check for any masses throughout your home before you show your house. A clean house is way more appealing and helps show buyers the potential of the home.

Make the house smell good.

A warm inviting smell can give off good vibes to potential buyers & make them feel at home. Lighting candles, using scents, making coffee, air fresheners, & even an open window weather permitting are a great way to add a comforting smell to your home to really appeal to potential buyers.

 Let the light in.

Open up all drapes and blinds to add lovely natural lighting into your home. Turn accent lamps on & any pretty lights around your house. Set the mood with your lighting and use it to your advantage. Just like the smell, lighting can really make a buyer feel at home.

Stage your home.

Before the buyers come, be sure your home is staged to appeal to buyers. Remove any unwanted items from view, make sure your whole house is organized. Place throw pillows around your home with throws & home decor to really amp up your showing & set your home apart from other houses the buyers have looked at.

Take your pets with you.

Nobody wants to hear barking while they are looking at a home. Take your little fur babies with you while the buyers are looking at your home. Because they are so cute, pets are simply a distraction & while you are showing your house you want to remove any distractions from that lovely house of yours.

Play music.

So we have smell, lighting, & now we need sound. Play some soft peaceful music on low to set a happy calm mood in your house to make the buyers really feel at home. Music can really change someone’s mood & maybe even just put them in the mood to buy a house!

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