July 18, 2019

How To Sell Your Home With A Pet

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My pets have always been a part of our family, and I know that having these furry members means having to live in different surroundings. We recognize that not everyone is pet-friendly. This is especially true when it comes to someone wanting to buy your home. Even those who love their own pets don’t want to see or smell evidence of yours. Here are some tips for selling a home when you have pets.

1. Do a deep clean

Cat and dog odors hang in the air and seep into your rugs, furniture, drapes, and even the walls.

Deep clean with a professional cleaning service, their steam and odor removal products are specifically designed for pets and odors.

2. Stay on Top of Cleaning.

Once you have deep clean your home, you’ll need to keep at it. Walls, baseboards, draperies, carpets need to be cleaned of pet hair. After living with your pets for years, it may still smell of animals. You may have to clean the ducts in the home because of the pet hair and dander.

I also suggest that sellers use plug-ins or air fresheners that put scents in the air every couple of hours. But don’t use floral scents! For whatever reason, floral scents do not work well to mask animal smells. Instead, use vanilla or spice.

3. Hide the evidence

You wouldn’t leave your toothbrush out on the vanity or a table full of clutter for showings, and the same should go for pet beds, bowls, and toys. Stash pet food, bowls, chewed-up tennis balls in a closet for showings.

4. Pick up the Poop

Create a strict schedule for the yard, dog run, litter box and stick to it. Pick up poop and hose down yard surfaces at least once a day. Be sure to throw away the waste outside of the home.

5. Remove Pets During Showings.

If an agent is showing your home to potential buyers, find somewhere else for your furry friends to stay. If you expect a lot of traffic to your home, like an open house or a packed schedule this may mean finding a sitter. If you have a dog and only need to get your pup out of the house for a few hours, you can spend the time at a local dog park.

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