August 1, 2017

Small Kitchen DIY Ideas – Before & After Remodel Pictures of Tiny Kitchens

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Tiny Kitchen DIY Ideas: If you have a tiny kitchen AND you’re on a budget, a small kitchen remodel can seem almost impossible with limited space and limited funds.

The good news is, no matter what the layout of your small kitchen is, there are many inexpensive and affordable ideas to give your kitchen a makeover and a fresh new look. Just take a look at all the small kitchen before and after pictures below to get some great ideas for your kitchen remodel.

These tiny kitchen were made VERY different with a whole new look and some were done very inexpensively.

Paint the cabinets white to open up space, new counter top, and a beautiful new kitchen faucet.

Small Kitchen DIY Makeover/remodel idea - before and after pictures.

Cabinets Idea

Here’s another example of a beautiful change in a small kitchen just with some coats of paint. That is the only real change in this tiny kitchen.

Budget-Friendly Small Kitchen Make Over Ideas - Cheap DIY ideas for a tiny kitchen.


Small Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Idea

I think the make-over of this small kitchen is DRAMATIC that Looks great.

Tiny Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Stunning difference in the before and after pictures of this small kithcne make-over.

This tiny kitchen had a beautiful makeover and remodel. While the kitchen layout is super small and one would think there isn’t any hope of having a useful and stunning kitchen, this before and after picture sure proves otherwise.

Tiny apartment kitchen remodel ideas - before and after DIY makeovers pictures and ideas when on a budget.

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