September 19, 2017

Transformation Tuesday: Door Makeovers

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We’re showing off how great your entryway can look by adding (or replacing) decorative glass for your door. Most people don’t know that you can cut a hole in your door and put really nice glass in it. And it’s actually a lot easier than you’d ever imagine. Most people can tackle this project in under an hour and it’s incredible the difference it makes to your entire entryway. Need some proof? Check out these incredible door transformations using decorative door glass.

Western Reflections Renfield

Western Reflections Renfield – Before
Western Reflections Renfield – After

This door transformation uses the Renfield Door Glass from Western Reflections. This homeowner decided they wanted to add glass to their existing solid panel door. The result is a beautiful entryway allowing them to enjoy natural sunlight with a unique design.

ODL Paris

ODL Paris – Before
ODL Paris – After

Door glass can completely change your entryway. This example is perfect to show the difference that decorative glass can make for your door. This ODL Paris Door Glass is an elegant design that provides a huge amount of natural sunlight into the home without sacrificing privacy.

ODL Grace

ODL Grace – Before
ODL Grace – After

This #DoorMakeover is extending the classic polished brass handles and storm door by using ODL Grace Door Glass with the polished brass camping option. This homeowner decided to add a half light glass to their door and utilize full view sidelights to extend the entryway even further.

Western Reflections – Reflections

Western Reflections – Reflections – Before
Western Reflections – Reflections – After

This homeowner transformed their entryway by adding Reflections door glass from Western Reflections. Not only did they add full view glass to their 6-panel door, but they also added a full view sidelight to match! The result is stunning!

ODL Tierna

ODL Tierna – Before
ODL Tierna – After

The ODL Tierna Door Glass design is extremely unique and provides a beautiful look for entryways. This homeowner took advantage of the design with their new full view glass insert in their front door. They also replaced their clear sidelight and transom with a matching design to completely remodel the entire entryway.

ODL Enclosed Blinds

ODL Enclosed Blinds – Before
ODL Enclosed Blinds – After

For our last transformation, we’re looking at Dutch patio doors that had clear glass. This homeowner decided to replace the glass with ODL Enclosed Blinds which provides extra privacy options on their patio doors. This glass looks great and makes the use of door blinds better than ever!


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